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Rider Advisories

Our rider advisories provide information about transit impacts that may affect your travels. They also keep you informed about new and exciting enhancements, service changes, and capital improvements. We work closely with local media outlets to spread the good news about the many improvements the RTA is making to better serve the citizens of New Orleans.

Peruse the advisories below to see what’s happening here at RTA!

Spring Service Changes

Spring service changes will go into effect on May 28, 2017. New schedules will be issued. 

Bus Stop Relocation on Desire Parkway

Poor roadway conditions impact Stop ID # 8339 and lines 62-Morrison Express, 63-NO East OWL, 64-Lake Forest Express, 65-Read-Crowder Express, 80-Desire-Louisa

Click here to view Rider Alert / Alerta Jinete

Algiers Bus Detours - Bennett Street Roadwork

Due to poor roadway conditions on Bennett Street, RTA buses will not serve the street until further notice.

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